Tracy Lindsay – no escape 1
Tracy Lindsay – no escape 2

What’s the matter, Tracy? I mean, your legs are free, your arms are free, why aren’t you moving? Oh wait, you’re impaled on the One Bar Prison in high heels :) There truly is no escape from the One Bar Prison (hence the name). High heels mean a girl can’t lift herself off the metal dildo and even if we give her the hex tool to adjust this device, she can’t bend over enough to reach the adjuster screw. Beautiful Tracy Lindsay is on display, her stunning muscular body impaled on the pole and she can’t run off. She will be stuck until we decide to let her go. She sure gives escaping a good try though, rotating around, trying to lift her butt with her hands. But there is no chance. So she is told to put her dress back on and just wait.

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Mittwoch, 07. Juli 2021, 19:44 Uhr Smaragd13 Auch Tracy Lindsay ist eine absolute Traumfrau und wäre sicher auch eine fantastische HUCOW! Sie hat wunderbar straffe Brüste, einen flachen Bauch, starke Schenkel und einen runden Po, den man nur allzu gerne tätscheln würde! So heiss!
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