Julia Green on the One Bar Prison in public 1
Julia Green on the One Bar Prison in public 2

She was so embarrassed! Julia Green was impaled on the One Bar Prison, wearing very tall high heels. She couldn't move from her spot, while hundreds of pedestrians, bicycles, and cars passed her by. What a brave girl!! It was so exciting!!

Nayomi Sharp impaled

Nayomi Sharp5:15 Minuten und 88 BilderHigh heels, Insertions, Tattoo2021
Nayomi Sharp impaled 1
Nayomi Sharp impaled 2

Tattoo girl Nayomi Sharp has quite the attitude! She thinks she can escape from the One Bar Prison, so let’s try it! Just one condition, we told her to bring her tallest heels. Nayomi did not understand why, but once she was impaled on the big 3-ball dildo, she started to realize that she couldn’t get on her toes more than she already was. This means she was effectively stuck on a dildo, impaled until we would lower it. She gave us the finger, and for that we let her stand there for a long time. Maybe she will lose the attitude. Probably not.