Julia Green on the One Bar Prison in public 1
Julia Green on the One Bar Prison in public 2

She was so embarrassed! Julia Green was impaled on the One Bar Prison, wearing very tall high heels. She couldn't move from her spot, while hundreds of pedestrians, bicycles, and cars passed her by. What a brave girl!! It was so exciting!!

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June 29, 2021 14:14 unknown ★★★☆☆ Was she impaled though? We'll never know for sure. Video doesn't show if the bar did indeed go all the way up. I don't actually accuse you of faking this; but the theoretical possibility is there and it detracts from what otherwise would be amazing video. I do love the idea behind this shoot and I'm big fan of Julia as well. I just wish we'd get a quick discreet flash if nothing else, as a confirmation.
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