Stella Cox: “I’m impaled!” 1
Stella Cox: “I’m impaled!” 2

Stella Cox is so cute! She wants to try everything in our studio! Really everything? Yep, she loves it all. She had seen the One Bar Prison with the solid missile head, and she really wondered if it was inescapable. Stella asked if she could have a go, and we were happy to let her try. But not without a few modifications though! We changed the missile head for a much larger (and longer) 3-ball dildo. And we also added a spreader bar with heavy ankle cuffs to make sure Stella wouldn’t go anywhere. Actually, the ankle cuffs were not needed of course, it is a One-Bar-Prison! There is no escape, even without any other bondage going on! Stella loved it, she exclaimed: “I’m impaled!!”. That’s a good thing apparently.

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July 07, 2021 19:31 Smaragd13 So ein herziges und charmantes Girl! Die Erotik im Video entsteht vor allem durch den Dialog. So schade, dass der Dildoinput im Film nicht zu sehen ist!
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